Monday, October 13, 2008

Thai traditional clothes (2)

Thai ancient dressing has developed step by step along the period of time. Each period all has their own form of dressing style which cannot judge that what period was better or the best because the way of life or the culture needed to change depend on people and their environment which suitable for them, for their opportunity, their places and their occasion time.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thai Traditional Clothes (1)

Wearing Draping Folding Pleating
(The pictures and the information below I got from the contemporary exhibition "Wearing Draping Folding Pleating" at KKU. Learning Center)

It was very delight and very glad when I heard that Miss Thailand won the prize about national clothing design in the Miss Universe Competition at Vietnam. (sorry I really don't know the name of that prize indeed.)

Anyway, I just had a double delight when I knew that the designer of the clothes was a student from the same faculty that I used to study in. Yes! I'm telling you that the designer of Miss Thailand's national clothes is a student of the faculty of fine and applied arts, Khon Kaen University!!! WOW! He is just so great! After the competition (I don't remember how long?) there is an exhibition about Thai traditional clothes at the KKU library so I just wanted to post some pictures and the information about Thai traditional clothes in my blog. I hope you will find that how beautiful Thai clothing is. Let's see!

Dressing clothes really show that how creative thinking of human is and when the main purpose of dressing is to cover the body. Dressing in Thai traditional way is done without cutting or sewing anywhere at all. It reflects the clever clothing design and the skill of dressing of Thai people in the past.

For example the selection of using the material, only one cloth can be wearing draping folding or pleating whatever that suitable for their living and the custom. The cloth that used to cover the bottom of Thai people in The past both men and women were rectangle.

( I really like the three look of these women's top clothing.)
(The designer of Miss Thailand's national dress was inspired by the right cloth in the picture above.)
Well, yet the information also said that normal people used to wear that plain clothes (mostly in one color) and the high society people used to wear the good quality clothes belong to their ranks, meanwhile the king and the queen used to wear the fine clothes decorated with the beautiful design and made up specially.
(Here is the gate way to enter)
Here is the last pictures of this article. It's the front of KKU. Learning Center at Khon Kaen University. OK! Keep watching the next article. I think I would like to show you more about how to dress up as the Thai traditional way. Today, I hope you enjoy my blog. Goodbye for now.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What Color to Wear in Thai Period Vogue.

Hello! This is my first article for this blog. I intend to have a blog which tells about fashion and express my passion in fashion based on Thai culture and my interest as well.

So! Today I would glad to have a nice bit of knowledge about what color to wear in Thai period vogue.

Back to the past around more than a hundred year ago, Thai women palace were dress up themselves with the wonderful contrast color. It was very popular within the palace but not so fixed outside of the palace. Anyway, It is interesting to know that what color of their cloths and what date that they concerned to wear.

The subject about Thai cloths from the Thailand Junior Encyclopedia Project said that in Ayutthaya period palace women were popular to wear the contrast color each day. They did not like to wear cloths with the same color both the top and the bottom. Besides it was very popular to wear the color follow and contrast the color of the day, like this for example:

Monday : Use soft yellow or lemon yellow for the bottom and light blue or royal purple for the top or use peacock blue for the bottom and chrome yellow for the top.

Tuesday : Use warm gray or lilac for the bottom and yellow green for the top or use yellow green for the bottom and lavender for the top.

Wednesday : Use silver or lead for the bottom and yellow for the top.

Thursday : Use leaf green for the bottom and carmine or magenta for the top or use orange for the bottom and yellow green or olive green for the top.

Friday : Use heavy blue for the bottom and yellow for the top.

Saturday : Use violet or purple for the bottom and emerald green for the top or lilac for the bottom and green for the top.

Sunday : See also Thursday or use blood red for the bottom and leaf green for the top.

The colors above were very popular using for the palace women cloths to wear each day in Ayutthaya period until the middle of Rattanakosin period. I think it is so interesting that people at that time had created to match the contrast colors but looked nice and cheerful! It was the use of contrast pair of colors which is interesting and fun to follow in again. Somehow for the next article I would show you about how to wear in Thai style. Don't miss ;) Please keep watching.

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